The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 smartwatch is an easy recommendation when it comes to smartwatches running Wear OS, but there are several other alternatives, such as the Skagen Falster Gen 6. Skagen was founded by Danish immigrants living in New York in the late 1980s. However, it didn't begin making watches under the brand name (Skagen Denmark) until the early 1990s. Fossil acquired it in 2012, and it now operates as a wholly-owned subsidiary.

The Skagen Falster Gen 6 was released at Consumer Electronics Show 2022, and it is based on the Fossil Gen 6 that was announced in Aug. 2021. Save for their differences in design. Both smartwatches are practically the same. Fossil also announced a version of the Gen 6 in partnership with Razer. However, as a limited-edition smartwatch, only 1337 units were made, and it is now listed as out of stock on Razer's website.