7 Most Expensive Watches In Jay-Z's Collection

Jay-Z's exorbitant collection of luxury watches showcases the rapper's passion for fine timepieces.

Shawn Corey Carter, known professionally as 'Jay-Z', is an American rapper, songwriter, record executive, entrepreneur, and media proprietor. Widely regarded as one of the most influential hip-hop artists in history, Jay-Z is known for cultivating major industry artists such as Kanye West, J.Cole, and even Rihanna, with his musical talent and a keen eye for upcoming artists lauded by a worldwide audience. Jay-Z began his musical career in the late 1980s, releasing his debut studio album 'Reasonable Doubt', earning him widespread recognition in the music industry.

Jay-Z's immense notoriety and fortune are down to his enthralling musical talent and superior decision-making abilities as a businessman. The American rapper has made headlines with his extravagant purchases in the form of swanky mansions and private islands, but his hobby of collecting some of the world's most exclusive, opulent, and exorbitant luxury watches takes the eccentric factor to a whole new level.

7The Patek Philippe Collection


Patek Philippe SA's product portfolio oozes panache and an unparalleled sense of desirability. The Swiss luxury watch and clock manufacturer is one of the oldest in its segment and possesses an uninterrupted watchmaking history since its founding in 1839.

Jay-Z's extravagant luxury watches feature the best pieces from the Patek Philippe range. The American rapper is the proud owner of the Swiss firm's 'Nautilus 5130P' model that holds a price tag of a whopping $96,000, as well as the 'World Time Reference' piece that is valued at a jaw-dropping $45,000.

Perhaps the most noteworthy and extravagant Patek Philippe developed luxury watch in Jay-Z's awe-inspiring collection is the 'Grandmaster Chime 6300G'. This particular model impresses with its superior craftsmanship and exquisite composition of white gold, a black dial, and a white dial reversible case that only adds to the magnificence of its intricate design language and exclusivity.


The rarity surrounding this particular piece of engineering perfection is unmatched, with the luxurious Swiss timepiece holding about 20 complications. Jay-Z's passionate outlook on the segment would encourage the critically acclaimed American rapper to shell out a mind-boggling $2.2 million to acquire this rather exclusive timepiece, with his luxury watch collection dripping exuberance.

6Richard Mille


Richard Mille is a luxury watchmaker known for its ultra-luxury watches. The Swiss firm's superior understanding of the segment has made them a top pick for extravagant timepieces amongst celebrities and influential personalities in general, with their product portfolio featuring one of the most advanced watches in the world.

Jay-Z's personal Richard Mille timepiece is easily the most expensive in his collection. The uncanny attention to detail surrounding the 'RM056 Tourbillon Split Seconds Chronograph' is mesmerizing, to say the least, with its custom-made dynamic only making things that much more enthralling.


The extravagant Swiss timepiece possesses a montage of mind-boggling figures behind its production, with the construction of its dial taking a whopping 3,000 hours to complete. The body of the luxurious Swiss-made ticker features the meticulous assembling of solid blocks of sapphire, with the long hours and exquisite detailing surrounding this particular timepiece justifying its eye-watering $2.5 million price tag.


Yet another Swiss luxury watch and clock manufacturer makes its presence felt in Jay-Z's exuberant collection. Jaeger-LeCoultre has been a fully owned subsidiary of the Swiss luxury group Richemont since 2000, with their product portfolio featuring one of the world's most complicated wristwatches.

Jay-Z's very own rose gold Jaeger-LeCoultre' Reverso' is a rather special timepiece, with the American rapper dawning the extravagant Swiss-made watch on special occasions only. The sophisticated ticker pays tribute to its original 1930 iteration, with its eye-catching design making it somewhat of a fashion icon. Sporting a price tag of $10,990, Jay-Z's sharp fashion flair is accentuated further with the presence of this elegant ticker on his wrist.

4Audemars Piguet: Royal Oak Edition


This manufacturer of luxury mechanical watches and clocks is one of the most highly-regarded firms in the segment. The Swiss company's long list of achievements includes the production of the world's first minute-repeating movement for watches back in 1892, with the firm's meteoric rise to the top of the watchmaking industry credited to the introduction of their 'Royal Oak' wristwatch in 1972.

Jay-Z is an admirer of the Swiss firm's lineage of luxury watches. The American rapper credits his knowledgeable outlook on luxury watches after a visit to the Audemars Piguet headquarters, with the critically acclaimed musical artist collaborating with the firm to celebrate his first successful decade in the music industry back in 2006.


Jay-Z is the proud owner of Audemars Piguet's 'Royal Oak' timepiece, with its concept carbon color scheme making it quite the looker. The Swiss-made luxury ticker's mind-boggling $214,000 price tag is undeniably justified, with the watch encompassing a colorful heritage as well as superior craftsmanship.

3An Ensemble Of The Rolexes


Rolex can be deemed the holy grail of luxury watches. The British-founded Swiss watch designer and manufacturer was founded in 1905 and has steadily established itself as one of the world's most influential and consistent luxury watchmakers.

Jay-Z's mesmerizing luxury watch collection features some of the finest Rolex timepieces. The American rapper is the proud owner of a $22,190 white dial 'Cosmograph Daytona 116500' that takes the baton as one of the most intricately designed watches on the planet with its signature ceramic bezel.

Jay-Z's collection also includes a collection of Rolex' President Day-Date' watches in the yellow gold and the platinum version, with the luxury tickers sporting an impressive $17,790 price tag each.

2Tiffany X Patek Philippe


The most recent addition to Jay-Z's extravagant collection of luxury watches is the limited edition timepiece derived from the renowned partnership of Tiffany and Patek Philippe. The aura of opulence surrounding the Swiss watch manufacturer just got a little more prominent with the creation of this latest one-of-kind timepiece.


With a production run of just 170 units, the invigorating partnership between the two firms has set a benchmark for quality and opulence in the luxury watch industry. This custom-made timepiece pays tribute to the illustrious 170-year partnership between Tiffany and Patek Philippe and takes the crown as one of the most exclusive and exorbitant timepieces ever made, fetching a whopping $6.5 million at auction.

1Hublot Big Bang


Hublot is considered one of the most innovative Swiss luxury watch manufacturers globally. The firm has engaged itself with various sponsorship deals and has associated itself with several famous football clubs such as Manchester United, FC Bayern Munich, and even Juventus, with their goodwill and global outreach reaching stratospheric levels.

The firm is also known for the creation of 'WISeKey', which is predominantly a useful smart card that helps detect counterfeit watches. The firm's contribution to the world of luxury watches is awe-inspiring, to say the least, with their exquisite collection of luxury timepieces making a significant impact on the segment.

The American rapper's diverse collection of luxury watches includes the Hublot-developed 'Big Bang' timepiece that was presented to the rapper as a birthday present. This stunning piece of engineering perfection took an exhaustive 14 months to create, with its overall development overseen by some of the world's most highly-skilled jewelers.

The custom-made timepiece contains 1282 diamonds, and its gargantuan $5 million price tag only exemplifies the aura of exorbitance and exclusivity surrounding this one-of-a-kind creation.


Jay-Z is undeniably one of the most accomplished musical artists in the world. The American rapper's immense notoriety and fortune are down to his rather colorful career trajectory that emanates diversity, with his superior decision-making abilities as a musician and a businessman doing wonders for his personal wealth and global outreach. Jay-Z's extravagant collection of luxury watches oozes panache and is undeniably on top of the exclusivity chart with its gargantuan valuation and top-tier levels of opulence. Jay-Z's persona as a beloved musician and an accomplished businessman has done wonders for his monetary gain, and one can expect his mesmerizing collection of luxury timepieces to get a tad more exciting shortly.