The Terminator called – he wants his Casio G-SHOCK GMW Titanium "Virtual Warriors" back.

G-SHOCKs have been having somewhat of a renaissance in 2021, bringing '90s edge and 2000s familiarity with it. Collaborations have been top draw for the thunderous comeback of key models within Casio's G-SHOCK armory, giving a friendly reminder that Casios aren't just for high school – they're for life.

A quick recap – this year, specifically in the last three months alone, we've witnessed the return of the 1983 classic DW-5600 courtesy of Daily Paper and DW-5600e via MISTERGENTLEMAN, as well as a revamped all-metal AWM-500 thanks to PORTER. An impressive offering, not only because of the streetwear leaders attached, but the contemporary aesthetics afforded to them.

The latest creation from the tinkerers behind Casio G-SHOCK is quite a mouthful. Aptly named the GMW-B5000TVA-1 Titanium "Virtual Warriors," or GMW Titanium "Virtual Warrior" for short, this piece of wristwear would leave any future dystopian hero green with envy.

With an aesthetic borrowed from a futuristic robot, the watch boasts a titanium build. Holes are bored into the lugs and band using lasers, revealing the fine resin buffering component. Red accents appear across the design, alongside additional laser-engraved details.

This isn't the type of G-SHOCK you saw at school, nor is it the one you'd lend to your younger brother. Unsurprisingly the full-metal wristwear comes with a hefty price tag for a Casio, fetching a hefty $2,000. Hopefully, that price includes insights into the future – I could do with winning the lottery.

The Casio G-SHOCK GMW Titanium "Virtual Warriors," complete with Multi-Band 6 radio control and Bluetooth Connectivity, is available online now.