The Pokemon Company has made a ton of partnerships in celebration of Pokemon's 25th anniversary in 2021. This was seen earlier this year, when the company collaborated with watch brand Casio to release a new Pikachu-themed watch. The collaborations with other companies continue as Seiko, a luxury watchmaker in Japan, announced a line of watches based on the three starter Pokemon from Red and Blue.

The starter Pokemon are creatures that the player is given a choice to take on their journey through Red and Blue's Kanto Region. These include the balanced grass-type Bulbasaur, the defense-oriented water-type Squirtle, and the offense-aligned fire-type Charmander. Debates on which Starter Pokemon being the best continue to this day, with each pocket monster sporting their own pros and cons. With these three Pokemon still being popular among new and old fans, as they are some of the most recognizable critters of the brand, Seiko will be releasing limited edition watches based on these three starter lines.


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Each of these watches are made of stainless steel, along with sporting a sapphire glass face. These designs all correspond to its respective Kanto starter, each one sporting an appropriate color scheme. Each color scheme and background are all designed with certain attacks from the Pokemon series in mind. The Bulbasaur version is green and a background based on Solarbeam. The Charmander has a red Fire Spin attack-based background. Finally, the Squirtle variant's pattern is blue and based on the Hydro Pump attack.

The watches not only have the starters on the face, but also each Pokemon's middle stage evolutions as well. The first stage Pokemon is on the 12:00 spot, while the second stage is on the 6:00 position. On the back of the watch itself is the final stage evolution, where fans can be treated to the sight of Venusaur, Charizard, or Blastoise etched on the back. These are all stored in Pokeball-themed watch boxes, with stitched Pokemon drawings on the inside as well.